Equitas Law

With mobile traffic gaining more and more traction every year, website performance is extremely important for today’s websites. SEO ranking depends on it a lot, as well as many other factors that content authors need to account for. Equitas Law’s website needed some work, especially with load times on a mobile device. Running the website[…]

911 Motorsports

Moga is happy to announce the launch of 911motorsports.com! 911 Motorsports offers an awesome service of doing all the annoying parts of buying/selling a car for you, and their new website will help connect them with new customers. It is built on an Angular 2 front end integrated with the up and coming Contentful CMS.[…]

CAA Insurance

Moga is proud to present CAA’s fresh new website. CAA has been around for over 110 years helping Canadians with home and auto insurance, road side assistance, travel services and travel insurance. Moga was handed over a nice looking design and in under 2 weeks was turned into a lightning fast Angular 2 application. On[…]


Moga just finished launching Leentu.com. Leentu is a really neat and innovative outdoor product that attaches your pickup truck bed. The website is a basic one page marketing site to try and garner some attention to the product as it finishes up its development process. Later on Moga may be implementing a store page, and[…]