The Hourly Admin Launched

Moga is proud to announce that we have officially launched our first clients website. is an easy way to get any administrative help you need for your business, large or small. Written to be quick, simple and snappy, the website performs very well because of the Angular framework it was built with. Using a secure API to communicate with a JavaScript intense front end, there are very few instances where you need to wait for a full page to load. This provides the user with a fun to use, interactive website.


For Moga’s sake, we would like to point out that this website is an MVP product. This means it was made on a very tight budget in order to get a working product live as soon as possible to test user acceptance. We could not dedicate as much time as we wanted for the design of the site, and also could not add as many features as we would have liked. But, depending on how much traction the site gains, the client has indicated the want to keep adding to the site in the future if possible.

The payment function of this site was made with the help of Braintree’s API service. After initially running into some road blocks with getting the production account setup, the API itself turned out to be very good, and had all the tools we needed to make a marketplace style site. Payments are put into an escrow account right off the bat when a job application is accepted, and only released when the job as been confirmed to be completed.

Overall, we are just excited to have a site launch under our belts. We hope that the site gains enough traction to become popular, and will be excited to add to it in the future.

One thought on “The Hourly Admin Launched

  • This is a very well done site. The user face is friendly and easy to navigate. If I ever need any assistance in the future with administrative help, I will be definitely coming back here. Well done!

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